Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity


Do you ever sit down with someone and feel instantly inspired? Someone who radiates an energy you want to be a part of? My friend and incredible artist, Ivy Newport, is just that! She’s inspiring, engaging and makes you feel like you can unleash your creative spirit in any way you feel called. I was fortunate enough to sit down and pick her brain about all things creative! In this post I share her wisdom and tactical tips for unlocking our creativity, and leading a more inspired life.

Do you see a relationship between creative expression and overall wellness?

This relationship is fundamental to my teachings, and one the main reasons I became an artist. Creative expression is a pathway for healing, wellness and emotional release. We have to find ways to get in touch with ourselves and unearth what lies inside.

What are steps anyone can take to make creativity & artistic expression a part of their life?

  • Carve out designated time - Find a time in the day, or part of the week that works best, and stick to it.

  • Show up - Even if it’s 10 minutes with your sketch book, honor your time and show up.

  • Start small - If you love writing, start by journaling or writing a poem. If you want to paint start with black and white or 3 colors. Start simple and build from there with realistic expectations.

  • Focus on what you’re drawn to - Listen to your own intuition for what you want to try, and don’t over think it.


How do we adjust to the phase of life we’re in?

I have found that art & creativity help with life transitions, because art is all about change. Art can help ease and bridge the gap of emotional transitions. If we pour that emotion into our art, the emotions have a place to go. Emotions need an outlet, and creativity is a wonderful one.

What are your biggest sources of inspiration and how do you encourage others?

Travel is a huge inspiration for me. Seeing new places, hearing new languages and history all inspire me.

As for encouraging others, follow your spark. It may seem bizarre and make no sense, but listen to the clues of what gets you excited and ignore what others may think. Listen to where you want to go, and follow that!

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic” she tells a story of her odd intrigue with flowers. It made no logical sense, but she listened and followed the impulse. That inspiration led to writing a book. You never know where you are being led, unless you listen and have faith you’re being taken exactly where you’re meant to be.

How do you prioritize, or recommend prioritizing, creative expression in the midst of our busy lives?

  • Explore your “why” - Ask yourself “Why do you want to be more creative?” Begin by journaling about why you’re feeling this pull. Understanding your “why” makes you more dedicated. If you have a background it will help you stick to it.

  • Evaluate where your time is spent - Honestly evaluate what you could drop from your life that is draining, and no longer serving you, to make time for creativity instead. Leave behind obligations, and living for other people, and free up space for your happiness and creativity to flow.

  • Give yourself room to flourish!

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

I adore the ideation period, when you’re gathering and building things. There’s a beautiful incubation period which I just love. Gathering together ideas to be able to birthing an idea, I light up talking about it.

There’s a U curve of creativity, you start at the top hopeful & dreamy, but at the bottom of the U fall into doubt and fear. However, as we continue up the curve that birthing process happens and something beautiful is brought into the world.

I hope you are left feeling as inspired as I am from Ivy’s honesty, openness and gorgeous images. If you’d like to learn more about her beautiful work, and how you can take part in her workshops or classes, head over to ivynewport.com. This year she also launched an incredible online monthly magazine, which I would highly recommend checking out, called the Studioworks Journal.

If this post lit a creative fire in you, I’d love to hear about it. Comment below to let me know what creative outlets are you considering trying first. I hope this is the start of something great!

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