Sneak Peek: How To Simplify Meal Planning


What prevents you from meal planning for your family? The dread & hatred for the time & effort it takes in an already chaotic schedule? The sheer loss over what you can possibly make that all family members would eat? Or maybe you aren’t the cook in your family, and your spouse takes on the role in the kitchen. But no matter how much you value their help, you wish the menus were more healthfully focused and made with real foods & simple ingredients.

I know we can all identify with some of the pain points above, and there’s no shame in that. This is an important point, so I’m going to say it again - let go of the guilt and shame behind the challenges you have today, and know it can be easier and better moving forward. Read on for a sneak peek into Fall’s Meal Prep Made Easy Guide, which will ease you into the new season, and make meal planning a worry of the past.

Wonder how meal planning can ever get easier? It’s a question I’ve asked myself countless times over the years. Here’s the answers I found:


Real Ingredients:

  • Simplifying cooking so we’re preparing food with real ingredients is key to making meal planning easier. If you’re working with non-processed real ingredients cooking is easier, more delicious and certainly more nutritious.

    Complete Recipes & Grocery List:

  • Guess work takes so much of the time in meal planning. Trying to think of what family members will want to eat, then trying and testing the ideas out. How would that be different if I gave you a list of recommended quick to prepare family-friendly dinner recipes and a comprehensive grocery list to go along with it? Now you can efficiently shop for your ingredients on the list, and choose which menu sounds good that night - no overthinking or decision fatigue here!

    Save Your Resources:

  • Let’s be honest, our resources are limited. Especially when it comes to our precious resource of time, we often feel most depleted with the time available in our modern-day chaotic daily grind. While it’s impossible to gain time, we can seek tools and resources where other’s have used their precious time, so you don’t have to. I believe this also is true when it comes to cost savings. If you know me, you know I love a good deal. I’m not going to make a recipe with 20 ingredients that costs more than going out to dinner once you buy all the ingredients. For a minimal cost you can buy the Meal Prep Made Easy guide, and cut both your time and financial resources a break.

    Art of Cooking:

  • Do you feel confident in the kitchen, or at a complete loss of where to start? The more I talk with friends about cooking for our families, the more I realize that learning to cook simply wasn’t a skill that was prioritized for our generation. Maybe the basics, if we’re lucky, but learning to cook isn’t the shared skill it was decades ago. But the catch is, we still have the guilt that we should know how to cook and whip up an incredible home-cooked meal. Such an unrealistic expectation, when we think of it that way - right? Let me provide simple fool-proof meals, with minimal instructions to follow, or ingredients to keep on hand. So even if you aren’t a modern day Martha Stewart, you can create meals that you can feel good about and your family can enjoy together.

    Cook Once Eat Twice:

  • The idea of prepping for a week ahead is great and an empowering idea. In actuality it’s a lot of work and takes away precious time on your weekend, when you’d rather be anywhere else besides the kitchen. Cooking once and eating multiple times is a game changer. Consider making a big pot of brown rice and a pan of roasted veggies on Sunday afternoon. Not only does this give you dinner options for that night, but the leftovers can be turned into lunch for two days to come. Strategic resources to make your time cooking go beyond a single meal, and ease the burden of starting from scratch each night is a total game changer.

    Share the Work:

  • Do you have a spouse who handles kitchen details? I’m pleasantly surprised by how often I hear that husbands take over dinner duty, and even handle the grocery shopping. But sometimes as much as we are grateful for the help, we wish there could be updated fresh and healthy dinner menus. The Meal Prep Made Easy guide is simple for anyone to follow, simply download the guide and perhaps one person shops and the other cooks. Divide your roles as it works best for your family, and know anyone can step into this guide and feel confident in the kitchen!

Now, mark your calendar for next week when Fall’s Meal Prep Made Easy guide is released, so you can start hitting the easy button on meal planning and focusing your time & energy into those area of your life that bring you joy. Until then, head over to Instagram and follow me to see how I simplify healthy living in real life, and learn tools so you can too!