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Ultimate Guide to Rest & Recovery Days

What’s your first thought when you think of rest & recovery days? Do you look forward to days off from your workouts? Or is your workout routine so engrained in your daily routine you find it challenging to hit pause for a day or two? We all know the importance of movement and working out but current research emphasizes the need to incorporate rest & recovery days. As diligent as you are with your workouts, it’s equally important to allow your body time to rest & repair.

I explored the world of hyper wellness by experiencing cryotherapy, PBM therapy, infrared sauna and compression therapy. If you’re like me, and you’re adventurous and up for trying new things, but like to have an honest opinion and semblance of expectations going in, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn the science behind each treatment, along with my candid experience & results.

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Deconstructing The Secrets of Health Coaching

Today there’s a coach for every possible area of our lives. Coaches for life, career, finances, fitness, accountability, health and wellness - how’s that for an endless & confusing list? It confuses me and I am a coach! Today I’m breaking down Holistic Health Coaching, to empower you with understanding of what it looks and feels like in real life to have a coach by your side.

Disclaimer: Don’t take it from me, be sure to read to the bottom to read the client success story. Her honestly, vulnerability and kind words are not to be missed!

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Sneak Peek: How to simplify summer meal planning

It’s Sunday evening, you spent your day outside enjoying a beautiful summer day; you went to the farmer’s market, a park, and snuck in time at the pool. Now you’re back home, everyone is ravenously hungry and you have no idea how to get dinner pulled together. Am I the only one this happens to?

Read on to gain a sneak peek into the summer installment of my “Meal Prep Made Easy” that will solve this ongoing challenge for you!

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An Exercise in Self-Discovery

Some people are born to be athletic, made to move and take part in sports. Oh how I wished to be one of those people! I can remember being in middle school and wanting to be able to run fast around the school path, but instead I’d start out as fast as possible, and be spent in another 10 minutes. School sports, let’s just say it was not a fit. Despite all this, and because I'm a driven person, I set out to follow the nagging voice in my head reminding me to be curious and somewhere there would be a fit for me. My story is not unique, I have tried a lot of exercise options, and found them hard to stick to. For me it all clicked into place when I was open to trying a “new” class called barre3. It must have been divine intervention, as a small room of mirrors, windows and ballet barres would not normally fall in my wheelhouse. Something clicked for me in that space, I felt comfortable and encouraged, and curious to learn more.

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6 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity

This blog is for all the people who claim they aren’t creative. People who don’t believe they have an artistic way about them, and have no clue what creativity would look like in their life. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ivy Newport, an incredible Artistic & Creative Guide, to break down creativity, and provide simple tangible steps to allow us all to tap into our creative & artistic instincts.

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Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity

Do you ever sit down with someone and feel instantly inspired? Someone who radiates an energy you want to be a part of? My friend and incredible artist, Ivy Newport, is just that! She’s inspiring, engaging and makes you feel like you can unleash your creative spirit in any way you feel called. I was fortunate enough to sit down and pick her brain about all things creative! In this post I share her wisdom and tactical tips for unlocking our creativity, and leading a more inspired life.

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Sneak Peek: Overcoming the Angst of Meal Prep & Planning

It’s Sunday evening. Today, you went to the grocery store and stocked up on your favorite items, but now you’re staring at your refrigerator, trying to decide what to make for dinner, and the possibilities all feel dismal. So you decide to forego cooking, and figure out what to make for dinner tomorrow. You had on your to-do list all day to plan meals for the week ahead, but it’s super boring and time consuming, so never got to it. Now at the close of your weekend you have all these ingredients that don’t seem to go together and no plan for the week ahead. Does this sound familiar?

Read on to gain a sneak peek into my “Meal Prep Made Easy” that will solve this ongoing challenge for you!

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Where it all began and why I'm here

When I interact with new brands I'm always curious about the story behind the company. What made it all happen, why did it come to be, and who loved an idea enough to pour their heart & soul into it? For this reason, I give you little glimpse behind the scenes into my story.

Spoiler alert - it includes joining the gym with my grandma, being asked to leave high school sports and despising running.

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So many options, so little time, how do I decide?

There are a millions of ideas of how to become a more healthy version of yourself, I think we can all agree there are no shortage of options available. But let’s be honest, who has the time or energy to invest in trying out all these new concepts? We all live busy lives, filled with our career, kids, grandchildren, partners, friends, volunteering, the list goes on & on. I was asked by a friend, how to become more healthy with the limited time she has available? Here are my go-to’s for simple transitions that can help shift your overall wellness.

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What is holistic nutrition and why should I care?

The wellness industry is constantly abuzz with new terms & concepts that are sure to change our lives for the better. It’s overwhelming to try to navigate the world of nutrition, let alone try to figure out what information is the best fit for you. This challenge is the very reason I set out to create my own company. I love the world of health & wellness, but it’s complicated and ever-changing. Why can’t this the idea of living a healthy life be made simpler & more attainable, and therefore do-able in everyone’s life? If I have any influence on it, it will become synthesized to what works for you, and you’ll be able to feel like the best version of yourself!

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