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6 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity

This blog is for all the people who claim they aren’t creative. People who don’t believe they have an artistic way about them, and have no clue what creativity would look like in their life. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ivy Newport, an incredible Artistic & Creative Guide, to break down creativity, and provide simple tangible steps to allow us all to tap into our creative & artistic instincts.

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Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity

Do you ever sit down with someone and feel instantly inspired? Someone who radiates an energy you want to be a part of? My friend and incredible artist, Ivy Newport, is just that! She’s inspiring, engaging and makes you feel like you can unleash your creative spirit in any way you feel called. I was fortunate enough to sit down and pick her brain about all things creative! In this post I share her wisdom and tactical tips for unlocking our creativity, and leading a more inspired life.

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