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Ultimate Guide to Meditation In Real Life

Together let’s go against the grain and fight the messages that tell you to go go go. Meditation can provide you a reset button in as little as 1 minute. We all have one minute to spare in our day, even Oprah, and if Oprah can make time, I know you can. Today my hope is to empower you with knowledge and an understanding of how to meditate in real life, free of beautiful zen dens and silent spaces. No, this is real life, you can meditate in your car or between meetings or while your kids are at soccer practice. You can do this, you just need tools and understanding to help give you the nudge to start. I’m a firm believer that our health is formed by baby steps, not big grand changes, nope it’s all the tiny micro changes you make and continue to build upon. Those are what change your path for the better!

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EFT Tapping: Woo-woo or life-changing? (Demystifying emotional freedom technique)

What if I told you to use your fingers to tap on certain parts of your body, while saying your feelings out loud, and told you that in doing so your perception of these thoughts & feelings will completely change? You’d think I’m crazy, right? How’s that for a woo-woo nutty idea? Turns out there’s incredible science behind this practice (yes it’s a real thing) and it’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping. Before I completely lose your trust, let me give you my story & experience with tapping. I’ll then delve into all the must-have details about the practice is, who it’s for and how to give it a try in your daily life.

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So many options, so little time, how do I decide?

There are a millions of ideas of how to become a more healthy version of yourself, I think we can all agree there are no shortage of options available. But let’s be honest, who has the time or energy to invest in trying out all these new concepts? We all live busy lives, filled with our career, kids, grandchildren, partners, friends, volunteering, the list goes on & on. I was asked by a friend, how to become more healthy with the limited time she has available? Here are my go-to’s for simple transitions that can help shift your overall wellness.

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