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You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

As Mom’s we have a growing & endless list of obligations, how can self-care possibly fit into the mix? I’m here to empower you to shift your ideas of self-care, from them being a “nice to have” to something you truly deserve and have every right to prioritize. Read on to learn how prioritizing self-care can be a game-changer in your overall health and positively impact not only you, but your entire family.

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Understanding the Power of Disconnecting

Look around your space right now and observe how many ways you’re connected in this very moment. Free from judgement, simply take notice. As I sit here I have two laptops, an iPhone and a work phone. This is a picture of real life, where it’s encouraged to be constantly connected, and in as many ways as possible.

We’ve all thought “I want to turn it all off, but how would I ever get everything done?” This question is where I want to dig in. I’m going to challenge the notion that constantly being connected to our devices is the key to productivity. Read on to learn the top 5 benefits of disconnecting, as well as simple action steps you can put into place today.

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Sleep: The Secret to Amazing Health & Wellness

Do you feel irritable for no reason, have trouble focusing, or are constantly feeling run down? Consider this, how would your day be different if you woke focused, refreshed, and excited to embrace the day ahead? It’s sad that today’s culture promotes burnout far more than a good night’s rest. With the incessant message of constantly being on, and doing more, it’s no wonder that sleep is no longer prioritized. Sleep is what’s given up for the sake of other areas of life, which can have really serious impacts later in life, after years of running at 110%.

Today I’ll empower you to tune out the message of “do more” and instead give yourself the power to prioritize rest. Learn the top benefits of quality sleep, and by the end of this post, I know you’ll be a believer in the power of a great night’s sleep.

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Ultimate Guide to Rest & Recovery Days

What’s your first thought when you think of rest & recovery days? Do you look forward to days off from your workouts? Or is your workout routine so engrained in your daily routine you find it challenging to hit pause for a day or two? We all know the importance of movement and working out but current research emphasizes the need to incorporate rest & recovery days. As diligent as you are with your workouts, it’s equally important to allow your body time to rest & repair.

I explored the world of hyper wellness by experiencing cryotherapy, PBM therapy, infrared sauna and compression therapy. If you’re like me, and you’re adventurous and up for trying new things, but like to have an honest opinion and semblance of expectations going in, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn the science behind each treatment, along with my candid experience & results.

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